Wednesday, 29 April 2009

border-patrol-18901On the 10 o’clock news, Morgan reported on Chicken pox Parties. This sounded like a segment for the Edge but was only on the news. Hopefully they post a video of the segement on the Fox Charlotte web site. It had a lot of useful information and parents should be aware of this. Not a totally new practice but bad ideas seem to come back to haunt us. Did not have my pen & paper ready but it described sharing lollipops and pajamas (this is not a joke) in order to “help” the kids get the chickenpox. As reported this can have devistating effects beyond just the chicken pox. Maybe it could get mentioned on the Newsedge?

Tonight’s Top Topic: Should the U.S.-Mexico border be closed until the swine flu pandemic is over?
There are some traffic bans already in effect. One Congressman and one Congresswoman have already said they want the border shut down. Fred said why not shut down the border to illegal immigrants? There are already countries that will not import pork products from the U.S. or Mexico. (Did not know we get pork products from Mexico. Most of mine comes from Gary’s BBQ in China Grove.)
Egypt will slaughter all the pigs within their border. This although, it has not been proven there is pig to human transfer of the virus. Also eating pork is not dangerous unless it is not fully cooked. Fred said “Don’t leave your house!”
 Morgan stated the symptoms which include:  headache, sore throat, coughing and body aches. As was pointed out by Fred and Morgan the symptoms are nearly identical to a regular case of the flu. (swine flu can only be confirmed by a lab test.)
 (Ok. Pandemic seems to be used a lot lately. But is this a pandemic right now? The actual dictionary definition of Pandemic is: “over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population.” Maybe we are not in a pandemic right now?)  

The discussion was back about if the players from the Lingerie Football League are really athletes. Brought on as guests are players from The Carolina Queens. (If you said you would watch women play football, here is a chance for you to put up or shut up. They have a game on May 2nd.) The Queens are a part of the Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL).
realpowerThey play full tackle football.
Morgan said the Lingerie players are not real athletes because they wear lingerie. Fred asked the Carolina Queens players if they could play football even if they had to wear lingerie. The Carolina Queens issued a challenge to the Atlanta Steam from the LFL to play a game. We did get to see Fred make a pass to a woman. He used  football but did make three good passes. He asked the crew for a round of applause. You almost could hear crickets in the background. Be sure to get your tickets to see
The Carolina Queens play.

 Fred and Morgan apologized that they did not update the board last week for American Idol and also did not get into Anoop’s departure from the show. Anoop was on Fred’s A.M. Mayhem show this week. (You can get many outakes from the show on their 96.1 website so the interview with Anoop might be on there. Check it out if you missed it.

Octomom – The Musical. You heard it on the Edge. “A comedic parody with a point.” It will open at a small theatre in Los Angeles. (O…K….Let’s move on now)

Naked Frisbee. (not a replacement for Lingerie football) A student board at an oregon University has called an early end to the season for the ultimate frisbee squad. It was reported as conduct violations after hearing a complaint the men’s team had played naked.

tupac_lives_0002_layer_4_copy_2_fullTupac is alive! A picture has been published by TMZ that claims to show a very alive Tupac. MoFo said he is alive. With Elvis and Biggie Smalls. It was mentioned that there has been new albums published from Tupac since his death and where is all that coming from? Tupac Shakir died back in 1999. You decide.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

David Poole, the highly respected and loved NASCAR writer for the Charlotte Observer passed away today. You can read the full story at

s-obama-shirtless-largeTonight’s Top Topic: How would you grade the President’s first 100 days?
Currently President Obama has a 63% approval rating. That is the highest in over thirty years for the first 100 days. Since Jimmy Carter was president. The Fox channel has decided that they will not air the President’s 100 day press conference on Wednesday. Instead they will air American idol. Fox will alert viewers during the broadcast of American Idol that they can tune into Fox News channel and Fox Business Network to hear the President speak.
It was questioned if the President’s honeymoon was over. Morgan brought up there are many, many things he needs to tackle at this time. Fred said people would be happy if he just fixed the economy.
Fred gave the President a “C” while Morgan gave him an “A” for ambition.

Because of Hulk Hogan’s recent comments (read the earlier entry on here) that he totally understands O.J. Simpson, his wife Linda is using those comments to get money. Linda filed papers in court, seeking a flat fee of $24,000 and $8200 more per month so that she can move to California to get away from Hulk. She said she is afraid he will pull an O.J. on her. Morgan stated that Linda should not be afraid since she has plenty of proection in the chest area….

 The health minister of Lebanon has said the Lebanese should stop the practice of greeting each other with kisses on the cheek. This is to help the fight against swine flu. This although swine flu has not yet been reported in that country although there has been a case reported in Israel to the south. Lebanese have long greeted each other with three kisses to the cheek.

shadow-hareA man in Cincinnati, Ohio who wears a spandex super hero jumpsuit calling himself the “Shadow Hare” has declared his own war on crime. His special powers include handcuffs, a taser and pepper spray which are legal for the general public to carry in Ohio for self defense purposes. Shadow Hare says he is part of a crime fighting syndicate called the “Allegiance of Heroes.” (also known as the “Underwear & pajam boys”) The Edge crew asked if they needed real jobs?

Gus from Project Halo brought Roo to the studio for the Pet of the week segment. Roo came from a home where he was bullied by two other dogs. Morgan brought up that black dogs are usually the first to be euthanized and the last to be adopted. Roo would be good with less dominant dogs. Roo is 2 years old and perfect for people with a fenced in yard or like to walk regularly.
 Great News!!! Leona who was previously on the show has been adopted. She also changed her name to Hope. If you might be interested in adopting Roo or another dog get in touch with
Project Halo.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Another week on the NewsEdge with Brotha Fred and Morgan Fogarty.
Tonight’s Top Topic: Do wrecks make races more interesting?

At yesterday’s NASCAR race at Talladega on the last lap, After trying to block Brad Keselowski, Carl Edwards crashed into the catch fence. While Carl Edwards was not injured, Seven fans were injured. Two were transported by helicopter to a local hospital with one woman suffering a broken jaw. Because of increasing speeds at Talladega and Daytona, NASCAR started requiring restrictor plates on the cars to keep the horsepower of the cars down. The main reason NASCAR chose to use them was because of an accident at Talladega by Bobby Allison back in 1987 that was very similar to the one yesterday with Carl Edwards. The restrictor plate goes between the carburetor and the intake of the engine. It has four holes, with each hole being 15/16″ which “restricts” the amount of air entering the engine. It is because of the restrictor plates that causes the drivers to all drive in large packs which can make accidents become large messes.
At this year’s Daytona 500 (another race with restrictor plates) there was a crash that involved Dale Earnhardt Jr. Morgan called Juinor’s incident a “bonehead move.” (Not likely for her to win many fans who follow the sport’s most popular driver and comes from the Charlotte area!)
(Usually I write short quips but this is more complex. I have been racing myself in various forms of racing for over ten years and have been a fan of nearly all forms of racing since I can remember. Most fans do like to see wrecks and crashes which they feel make it more exciting. I as a racer, definitly do not like to see crashes. The definition of a race is: “A competition of speed” I like to see a race. I do not like to see crashes because people get hurt and I do not want to see anyone get hurt. Second, I do not want to see crashes because the cars have to be fixed. As a racer, you understand that costs money, time and sometimes frustration in making the repairs. So for me, it is about the speed competition and not the crashes.)
Fred suggested the most interesting thing about the races was the people in the infield. Walking through the infield or campgrounds before a race can be a lot of fun. (And no Morgan, it is not about the beer or alchohol. I do not even drink myself.) It was mentioned that it might be dangerous to watch a race from the infield (actually probably the safest place.) but alchohol would numb the effects of being run over by a race car.

The Edge crew reported that in Israel, officials there object to the name Swine Flu. Because the pig is considered dirty by both jews and muslims (But perfectly fine as a pet for the Octomom) and pork is not kosher. Officials there suggested calling it the Mexican Flu. Fred suggested calling it “Flu I don’t want to get.”
Morgan mentioned about Eva Pilgrim’s report from the airport about a passenger who may have the Swine Flu. MoFo said they at the station said to Eva “Don’t come back to the Newsroom.” The highlight of the report and the show was we got to hear Morgan snort like a pig.

A swiss insurance agent called into work sick from Nationale Suisse. She had said she had issues with being at her computer at work because of the bright display and needed to lie down in the dark. The woman was later fired for being caught on her Facebook profile that same day from home. Nationale Suisse fired the woman saying she abused the trust of the company. Morgan said co-workers (but not her!) at Fox Charlotte check up (read that SPY) if other workers are on-line when they call in sick. Morgan said she does not do that.

A church is getting the boot from having its services at an elementary school when they mixed sex and sermons. In Melbourne Florida (great place for surfing) New Hope Church had been having a workshop series called “Great sex for you.” The church recently sent out 25,000 fliers to local residents asking “Is your sex life a bore?” Also in the fliers was an invitation to attend the workshop at the local school to “Learn how to have the great sex that god created you to enjoy.” (Do not think that was the pastor from last week speaking against the Lingerie Football league) Pastor Bruce Cadle has been giving the workshop. The church rents the school for $606 each week. The next session of the workshop is next Sunday at 11:00am. (sure many of you want to attend. Take I-77 South to I-26 East to I-95 South to Exit 180.)

Noticed a commercial ran during the last break for the NewsEdge for Pontiac. The comercial for the G6 stated “America’s Best Coverage” and this leads me to wonder, did anyone at Pontiac get the memo today that the brand is going away?

Friday, 24 April 2009

(Apology if I missed anything. Switching between the News Edge and the end of the Arca race)

potbellyTonight’s Top Topic: What kind of pet should the Octomom get?
14 kids, no job and Nadya Suleman  said her family needs a pet too. (Think she needs a brain first) Nadya is reportedly looking to purchase a pet pig. Octo-brainless is quoted as saying “For a couple of years, the kids have been asking for a dog…I’ve actually been looking into a pig, like a little one.” She said it would wear a diaper and live outside of their crowded house. The 33 year old is also considering a  Pomeranian or small dog. (Please
Project HALO, reject her application. And someone should tell her you can not purchase dog or pig food with food stamps.)
  The Edge crew brought up that there have been 8 cases of swine flu in the United States recently. 68 people have died from swine flu in Mexico. They asked on the Edge Undergorund and the first man had the best answer for what kind of pet – A Pet Rock. Morgan said “I don’t think Nadya has thought this out.” (She Did Not Think Out About Having kids! Why would she start now?)

It is reported that on Earth Day, The President took four flights that day. 9000 gallons were used on those trips. MoFo said it was like when the presidents of the car companies went to the U.S. Congress in their private jets asking for money. Fred brought up that maybe he could have teleconferenced as an alternative. (As someone who works in technology, I can tell you, teleconferencing has worked quite well at many companies. Should be used more often) On Earth day they said Fred came tshrek201o work on the back of Morgan’s Vespa. (But how did he get to the radio station earlier in the day???)

A couple in England recently were married dressed as characters from the movie Shrek.
The bride dressed like the ogre princess Fiona. Christine England and Keith Green each spent three hours getting dressed like their cartoon heroes. (So the Greens got dressed in green?) Christine attempted to get her 18 year old son to dress like Donkey, another character in the movie but he would not do it. When asked Fred said when he gets married he would get dressed up as Jesus. Morgan replied “And your wife would be the Virgin Mary.” 
Fred’s parents were in the studio again.

A report from the field. Fall Out Boy was at the Strike City bowling alley in Charlotte.
(They started talking about people who work at the station and they kind of lose me with that stuff. So I will skip it.)

Apple has removed an application from the iPhone called Baby Shaker. It was a 99¢ application which encourages those frustrated with babies’ crying to shake them, or in this case, shake their devices to change drawings of a crying baby to a calm one. (anyone check if Octomom had it on her iPhone?) There is an approval process for applications but this one reportedly slipped by the approval process. There are over 25,000 applications for the iPhone. Morgan stated she likes the level application. (Is that her excitement on a Saturday night?)

The first winners were announced. These people won tickets to the All-Star qualifying at Lowes Motor Speedway.

Enjoy the weekend!!!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

lfl1Tonight’s Top Topic: Would you support a lingerie football team in Charlotte?
  From the people who gave you the Lingerie Bowl, this September will begin the season for the LFL,
Lingerie Football League. Woman playing full-contact football in lingerie. There will be twelve teams, seven players on the field which will be 50 yards long.  Half the field, half the clothes. The Atlanta Steam, one of the teams in the LFL could not locate a stadium in Georgia so they are now trying to move to the Charlotte area. So far nine teams have found stadiums. The Underground asked people what name it should be if they play in the Charlotte area. There was two people that had the perfect name. The Charlotte Pretty Pant-Hers. (I thought it was great) So far nobody from local governemnt has said they were contacted about a stadium location.
  Local Pastor Joe Chambers was interviewed and is against the idea. That it is the devil’s work, he said. (Guess he does not get out much with Adult magazines from Playboy to “oohhhhboy!!!” magazines, local strip clubs, x-rated videos or even a trip to any local mall on the weekends, all makes this stuff tame)
 Morgan called it “Not a family event.”   She said they are not athletes, especially since they are not wearing any padding. And the silicone. Fred said, “Silicone. All the padding they need!”

 cemetary Great announcement for Chicago Sportsfans. You can spend eternity at Wrigley Field. Sort of. A Chicago man has built a final resting place at a cemetary with a 35 foot long and 14 feet high ivy covered wall like in centerfield. Called “Beyond the Vines” it is located on Chicago’s North side. Being added is a stained-glass window to look like the green scoreboard. Cost is about $5000. There will be authentic Wrigley box seats for mourners to sit on.
  Morgan said her husband (Jeremy) would be thrilled.

veggiecar  The next story was about a racecar that was built out of vegetables and runs on chocolate and vegeatble oils. This was built at the reasearch center at the University of Warwick. The steering wheel is made from carrots. The seat from soybeans. At least if a driver gets hungry during a race he does not need to make a pit stop for food.

This disucssion seemed to shift back to Lingerie. The question was, does Danica Patrick wear lingerie when she is racing? MoFo said will Girls tell Daddy they want to be in the Lingerie bowl when they grow up. (Probably! Look how many try out for Playboy)  She said it is just another example that continues to degrade women. Fred said the women choose to do this and not against their will. So they asked are strippers athletes?  (Won’t repeat what was said next. Sorry. Hopefully you caught the show)

  Next the Edge crew talked about that in the Dominican Republic they are outlawing the use of crazy and ambiguous baby names. Names being given to children there include: Mazda Altagracia, Toshiba Fidelina, Seno Jimenez (Breast Jimenez) and others. Part of the problem seems to be that you can not tell the sex of the child from the name. Morgan brought up that while she was in school, the teachers would say they were expecting a boy when they first called out her name. (Is there something in her past we do not know about?)

  A brief story was given on Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin but Fred & Morgan stated they did not want to report on them anymore as it was not news. (I agree. there is more important news to report like the Lingerie bowl. Hey at least there is something to discuss and made very interesting on the Edge)lfl2

 When the show came back from commercial, they played the Edge line (there were calls tonight!) and after they played a “noise” that came from Rebecca Clark before she gave the news. (hhhmmmm. What did that mean???) The Edge closed with the weather. Fred said it was perfect weather for Lingerie football. (Doesn’t anyone remember Lingerie Boxing a few years ago?)

Enjoy the weather even if you don’t play Lingerie football!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The show started with Morgan coughing and Fred complaining he would catch something. (Ever notice the show always starts with something about Morgan?)


Morgan says this is where kids should be all year

Wednesday’s Top Topic: Should the school calendar be changed?
 The current law does not allow school to start before August 25. It was put in place to help out the travel business. But there is a proposal to allow that to change and districts to make their own schedule. CMS is considering the 2nd Monday in August as the start of the school year.
 There is a poll asking staff, parents and students (asking students if they want more school? Maybe Lisa Simpson! But Bart?) to vote on which calendar they want. Actually anyone on the Internet can take the poll. Even if you live in an igloo in the Artic as long as you have Internet access.
The poll can be found at the
CMS website.  The poll ends April 30.
   Fred stated He does not have kids so does not care. Morgan brought up that Fred does not have any children – he knows of. Evidently Fred’s mother was in the studio so the conversation was kept a bit low-key.
 Fred believes Kids need the summertime and Kids need to be kids.  Morgan said No, No, no, (Think she disagrees) Kids need to be in school year round. Get rid of summer vacation. Fred went to summer camp. Morgan did not enjoy her summers as a kid. She said she had to shovel manure during summer vacation. She would rather be in class than shovel manure. (poor Morgan!)

 They brought up the eliminations from American Idol. Two were eliminated.  Lil Rounds and North Carolina’s own Anoop Desai. In the background you could hear Morgan say “Do you want to talk about this?” but they just moved on to the next story. This is the first time I can remember they just skipped right over an American idol report without discussion. And no X’s over the pictures of the eliminated contenstants.


No shoveling manure for these students

 Jack Johnson played to some elementary school students in Hawaii singing about Earth Day. (It must have made Morgan hapy the kids were in school!) This was in part from Johnson’s Kokua Hawaii Foundation. 

 Fred seemed to have trouble tonight speaking words. It was decided to call his “new words” Fredisms. 

 They disscussed about whether Earth Day worked. Fred thought that one day does not work. It should be Earthday everyday or it won’t work. Either you recycle or you do not. Morgan, thought atleast once a year there was thinking about it, planting a tree or recycling. (I recycle every day) Morgan’s quote of the evening “One by one we can change this universe.”

 Next was a report about a company that recycles bodies into pencils. They can convert a human body to about 240 pencils. The box has a sharpener so the shavings can be saved. (Fred said something really funny but forgot what it was now. Thats why you have to watch.) This idea is the brainchild of designer Nadine Jarvis. A cremated body’s ashes are converted to the carbon in the pencils. The person’s name is imprinted onto the pencils. You can order yours HERE

The NewsEdge is giving away Free tickets to the upcoming races at Lowes Motor Speedway. To enter and contenst rules go to the Fox Charlotte web site

 Murder, Mayhem & Mathis brought news of a new play at the new Stage Door Theatre. Shear Madness is Charlotte’s all-time longest running hit. It will be playing through June 6. Order Tickets through the Blumenthal Center

 On the Edgy Stories: a 5 year old was sent home with poop in his backback. Susan Graham, a teacher at Apple Valley Elementary School included a letter with the poop that said “This little turd was on the floor in my room.” The boy’s mother discovered the package when he arrived home. Evidently this was not the first time the boy has had an accident. He keeps spare clothes in the backpack for this purpose. (hope he did not keep his snacks in the backpack too.) Fred suggested the boy should wear a diaper. Morgan said that would be embarressing. (AND WHAT DO YOU CALL POOPING ON THE CLASSROOM FLOOR?!!)

 Did no one call in tonight at 332-EDGE? Lately they play the responses the same show but they did not play anything tonight. The show is better when people are involved.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

During the lead-in to tonight’s Edge we learned Morgan wants more diamonds. Need to watch each night and see if she wears any new jewelry.

misscleo Top Topic: Are Psychic powers real? (maybe future question should be: Are PSYCOTIC powers real?) Morgan reported during the news about instead of seeking a financial advisor, seeking a psychic advisor. One in Mooresville was interviewed. Her prices start at $40. No where in the report was she asked to predict what Fred would be wearing for the show let alone the stock market. One woman interviewed who has used a psychic said they accuratly predicted she would get married. But there was no prediction about the fact she later got divorced.
   It was mentioned there have been several television psychics that were discovered to be fakes including Miss Cleo (aka Youree Dell Harris). Talked about the Psi wheel which is an object that is supposed to display one’s power’s of telekinesis. Made of paper or aluminum foil, a needle and spool of thread you display your “powers”  and it will spin. (Would have liked to see Morgan & Fred try it.) Morgan then read letters she found on a web site to see if Fred has psychic powers and he answered yes many times. But Fred did not seem to believe it. One question (paraphrasing) was Do you ever think there is someone behind the scenes telling you what to do? Fred answered, “Yes.” The Producer of the show! 
 It seemed many on the Edge Underground believe. One said she often knows about things with her family. Morgan said she thought it was more about being intune with your family and friends.

  The subject of Mark Mathis’s appearance on the Edge last week came up. Fred said Mathis “shook the table.” Morgan did not watch it live but did record it. She said Fred was the tame one during the show. (That was an understatement!)

 During the six o’clock newscast on KARK-TV Little Rock, Arkansas, Pete Thompson propsed on the air to his girlfriend Courtney Collins.  Fred brought up about having proposed to Morgan previously. (Seemed like Fred is still proposing.) Oh, And Courtney said “yes” to Pete.


   While waiting to see if Susan Boyle accepts her movie offer (discussed last night on the Edge) a new surprise british shaheenjafargholi_ltalent has appeared from, well Britain’s Got Talent tv show. This is the same show Susan Boyle appeared on. Shaheen Jafargholi is a welsh boy who has similarly captured the hearts of viewers in England. He sung Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Loving You.”

The Pet of the Week for this week was Sugar. A 9 year old Lab mix. MoFo called him a Polar Bear Lab. He was brought to the show by Gus of Project Halo. Sugar seemed to be well trained. It was discussed that Sugar was not a puppy. Of course you do not then need to deal with furniture being chewed, puddles on your floor and other issues only a puppy provides. Sugar was well behaved and is friendly with other dogs & kids. Sugar also does not need to be walked as often (which many people can appreciate on those rainy nights) or require constant attention a puppy needs. Contact Project Halo if you wish to adopt Sugar. Hopefully a fantastic home awaits him.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Miss USAMorgan is back for tonight’s show.
  Tonight’s Top Topic: Did Miss California’s answer on gay marriage cost her the crown? We got to hear Morgan sing the theme song for Miss America although as Fred pointed out it is Miss USA. And not Miss United States of America as Morgan mentioned once. (Think a lot of people get them confused!) 
 Miss North Carolina, Kristen Dalton, age 22 won the Miss USA pageant last night. Besides the crown (probably made of plastic) Miss USA receives a New York apartment for one year, a public relations team, two year scholarship at the New York Film Academy and a salary. For those that really have to know, Miss Wyoming, Cynthia Pate won Miss Congeniality. Miss Dalton (or should we say Miss USA?) has winning beauty pageants in her genes. Her mother was Miss North Carolina in 1982 and her sister was Miss North Carolina Teen in 2008. There is no talent competition in the Miss USA pageant although the top 15 did show off in swimsuits designed by Jessica Simpson.
 But there are those including Fred and Morgan on the Edge who think she won because of how Miss California, Carrie Prejean answered her question on gay marriage. While she was expressing her views it was also pointed out that her wording of an “opposite marriage” did not showcase her communication talent. Morgan said she had an “opposite marriage.” (but really if she was married to Fred wouldn’t that be an opposite marriage?) Her response against gay marriage was asked by judge Perez Hilton who himself is gay.

 Of course this seemed to be a perfect opportunity to show again the video of Miss Teen South Carolina and her communication skills or lack of. There are times where even less than an excuse is needed to show something like that incident. (It is time this conduct is stopped! But not before we allow you another opportunity to view Miss Teen South Carolina here.

The Edge also reported that Susan Boyle, the British singer from Britain’s Got Talent tv show was offered a Million dollars to perform in a porn film. This offer is based on the stipulation she would be losing her virginity in front of the camera. The offer came from Kick Ass films. If Miss Boyle decides to go ahead with the deal she will be flown to Los Angeles on (appropriatly enough) Virgin Airlines. Morgan suggested they make the film and combine Octomom and Susan Boyle. (Think Morgan was just kidding….)

The next report was Madonna who was reportedly thrown from her horse. According to Madonna’s publicist the incident was caused by a paparazzo who spooked the animal. Eyewitnesses (and Mo Fo) report that Madonna was leaping over hurdles (no, it was the horse!) when Madonna fell off. It was obvious Morgan has experience riding but Fred does not.
Morgan stated a quote (that went straight over Fred’s head) that actually (I think) was made originally by Winston Churchill (tell me if I am wrong, have heard it used by many including riding clubs) that goes something like: “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” (For those with their mind in the gutter, it means it can be healthy to ride a horse.)

Miss USA 2009

Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton

 We also got to see private pilot Fred and co-pilot Morgan at a simulator located at the FlyRight Inc.‘s facility in Concord. They discussed how it would not be that difficult for someone with at least some pilot experience being able to land the plane as a passenger did last week in Fort Myers, Florida at Southwest Florida International Airport. (How many would trust Fred, a private pilot? How many would trust Morgan with no experience?) The passenger had been licensed to operate a single engine aircraft for twenty years. The plane was a King Air aircraft which is what Flyright trains people for. An air traffic controller had to pick up the phone and call a friend in Connecticut for instructions on how to fly the plane.

 Seemed like a short show tonight. Probably because Morgan is back!!! Next time please do not use Mark Mathis. Rebecca Clark, Reg Taylor, the guy who is always talking in the background, someone from the Edge Underground or maybe even a dog from Project HALO.  Plenty of better choices!

Don’t miss the NewsEdge Tuesday!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Lyra Manning

Lyra Manning

On the 10 O’clock News we got to meet new anchor Lyra Manning. Lyra who is originally from New York City, comes to Fox Charlotte from WBTW in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where she was the morning anchor. Welcome to Charlotte Lyra!
 During the news they reported about the two workers from Dominos and again showed part of the Youtube video where they were doing horrible things with the food. This is the thrid consecutive night of showing the video. ENOUGH ALREADY!

 Morgan took the night off. (Probably out shopping!) We were left to Brotha Fred and Mark Mathis. Maybe next time they can have a stage hand as co-host. Or else I am available. Normally Fred is the wild one but in tonight’s show Fred would have made Morgan seem wild.

The Top Topic was that John Madden is retiring at age 73. Madden said he wanted to spend more time with his family. He will be replaced by Cris Collinsworth. So tinight’s question is “Who’s the greatest sportcaster of all time?” You have the whole weekend to answer by calling 332-EDGE. Mark Mathis mentioned a number of names. Seemed all but one did fred recognize and said they were before his time. Both know Marv Albert but it was Mark who remembered that Marv Albert liked to chew underpants. What a person remembers, speaks volumes about that person.

 Will Ferrell drinks his urine. This is for a Discovery Channel episode of the series Man Vs. Wild. Ferrell is doing this to promote his upcoming movie Land of the Lost. This episode will air sometime in June. As was pointed out, who knew there was wild areas of Sweden? It is in the artic area of Sweden, reportedly. What does Ferrel say about this? He is quoted recently “thrill of a lifetime, even though I did get urine drunk, which is sad.” Fred said it was worth it if being paid a million dollars. (Well as it is to promote his movie where he will earn millions I guess he is being paid that much.)

 Four Pythons escaped from a container aboard a plane in Australia. 12 non-venemous Stimson pythons (native to Australia) were on the flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne in the plane’s cargo area in a bag inside a plastic foam box with air holes. When the plane landed Qantas airline workers noticed they were missing. It still is to be determined whether they are still on the plane or are at the airport looking for their luggage. The plane was fumigatedand the airplane is now back serving passengers.

 As some point in the show, Mark said to Fred “Anyone ever say you’re an attractive man.” (Can’t explain the look of Fred’s face. You had to see it. But that is why you have to actually watch the show.

 They brought up that in Richmond that inmates will be charged for the cost of their jail time. They will be charged $1/day per inmate. They say in their jails it costs $46/day per inmate. They expect it could raise up to $500,000 per year to help offset the $30 million annual cost to taxpayers.  Mark mentioned that he had been in jail. And “One time I enjoyed it.” The question was brought up, what happens if they don’t pay?

 A recent study has found that Twitter may be dangerous to your health.

The Edgy story of the night was about a Driving teacher who was drunk while giving a driving lesson. Daniel Winsky of Salem, Mass., was convicted of operating under the influence. While he was not in the driver’s seat he was operating the brakes and steering the car in car purpose built for driving lessons. He agreed to give up his license for a year (in order to stay out of jail) and be on 18 months probation.

  Also a story about a russian man who jumped out a winodw. Twice.  He is a 22 year old man from Moscow and he jumped out a fifth-story window. He drank three bottles of vodka. Fortunatly he only suffered a minor concussion and scratches. When the man sobered up late he said he would give up drinking. (Maybe he should give up jumping out of fifth-story windows instead?)

What is missing from what I have written is all the comments and antics from Mark Mathis. And the expressions from Brotha Fred. There is no way to put it all into words. You have to watch the show or any videos on the Fox Charlotte website. This is not a substitute for watching the show. Would recommend to the producers to find someone else when needed to co-host other than him. Even Fred was no fun to watch. Why not David L.? Or someone? Anyone?

And the last chance headlines again included part of the Domino’s Pizza Youtube video. ENOUGH!!! And do you realize that by playing the video all the time it means the two people achieved their goal? So that then makes other people want to do the same. Maybe we should all stay away from restaurants until the television shows and newscasts stop playing these videos! Otherwise you may not be happy with what gets added to your food…..


Thursday, 16 April 2009

Morgan does double duty again at the 10 o’clock news desk. (How come we never see Fred do the news. Think more people would watch the news if he did.)
293hogans112607 The Top Topic tonight was Hulk Hogan’s comments that “I totally understand OJ.” Hulk Hogan is divorcing his wife Linda Bollea after 23 years of marriage. Linda, 48 is currently spending time with someone 30 years younger. In an interview with Rolling Stone Hogan is quoted as saying “I could have turned everything into a crime scene, like OJ, cutting everybody’s throat.” You live half a mile from the 20,000-square-foot home you can’t go to anymore, you’re driving through downtown Clearwater and see a 19-year-old boy driving your Escalade, and you know that a 19-year-old boy is sleeping in your bed, with your wife . . . I totally understand OJ. I get it.”
Hogan has recently explained “I didn’t do the OJ Simpson thing. I took the high road.” As Morgan pointed out, does that mean because he did not kill his wife? Should not even be a question. (If I were to be asking a question it would be does Hogan own a White Ford bronco?)

Morgan and Fred explained about the Super Obama dolls. They cost $50 each. But reportedly they are handmade. Morgan remarked about the frankenstien shoes and how the Michele doll seemed very muscular. (Now why is there two versions of the Michele Obama doll and only one of the President. Maybe a future question on the Edge, Is Michele Obama more popular than the president?)

A report about a mailman terrorized by turkeys. Fred said he was once chased by a duck and traumatized….

Mark Mathis was at the Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte. There is a new play called Souther Rapture that opens this Friday. The play was writteny by playright Eric Coble. It is a fictional account of the culture war here. This stems from 1996 when Angels in America came to Charlotte. There is full-frontal nudity in the play. There was thankfully no nudity at all from Mathis. You can find out more information about the play or to attend from the Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte. (How many even remember or were aware of what transpired in 1996 in the queen’s city?)

Osama Bin Laden Condoms

Osama Bin Laden Condoms

The Edge crew also brought up about Hitler Condoms. What I think was missed in this report was actually there is three different versions. Hitler, Mao Zedong and Osama Bin Laden. They are produced in Germany by Doc Morris Pharmacies.

The final report was of a Wisconsin nurse who was fired while she was in surgery. The nurse was, according to a health system spokesman considered “an otherwise good employee with more than 30 years of nursing experience.” The nuse was removed from a minor surgical procedure in violation of medical protocol so they could fire her. The spokesman called it “clearly, an error in judgment on the part of the manager.” The layoffs were 90 people in total from a staff of 4500 employees.
Fred said he is cancelling the operation for his butt implants because of this. He then stood up and displayed his butt. (Think we could have missed that. )
Lots of bad judgment on this show. Firing a nurse in surgery. Hulk Hogan with his comments. Hitler condoms. And Mark Mathis reporting. Go get your Obama dolls.