Wednesday, 27 May 2009

kris-allen1Tonight’s Top Topic: Do you think American Idol votes were rigged?
There was a world record set for the amount of votes cast on American Idol with almost 100 million cast during the finale involving Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.
The New York Times is reporting that Kris Allen may have received help from corporate sponsor AT&T. In the Times report was mentioned that AT&T supplied phones with free text messaging at two Kris Allen parties in his hometown of Conway, Arkansas the night of the finals. The report also states they taught the people how to send power messages which send ten votes at once. No similar effort was made for Adam Lambert fans. American Idol officials state the results were fair, accurate and verified. (How did they verify 100 million votes?)
Morgan read a statement from AT&T. Fred asked was it Idol that wanted Kris Allen to win and not Adam Lambert. Or AT&T that did not want a gay American Idol contestant to win. Morgan also asked why wouldn’t you want Adam Lambert to win and does it have something to do with his sexuality. (There are two pictures of Adam Lambert kissing another guy but he has never stated he was gay.) Morgan said he (Adam Lambert) has not come out yet and everyone takes stupid pictures.
Fred stated he did think American Idol is rigged but not by people with cell phones in Arkansas.

bra-sizeMorgan provided a quick fix for women’s body flaws. Its all in the bra. She quoted Linda Becker, known as the Bra Lady of New York City who said 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. (Any women who need their size checked, Fred will check it for them Free.) Bra straps should not fall off your shoulders. Fred said they can be really complicated to use. (Especially for guys trying to remove them during a date.) Morgan said “Hoist them up, Lock ’em & load them.”

skinnyjjeansIf you have tingning, burning or numbness in your legs you might have Tingling thigh syndrome. (or something else that can not be discussed on a family tv show.) The medical term is “meralgia paresthetica” which is a nerve condition. It applies to pregnant women as well as construction workers and police.  Now it is being seen in increasing number of younger women from simply wearing jeans that are way too tight. (But look fabulous!)

The Edge crew also presented a report that drinking Red Bull can cause you to fail a drug test. Fred stated during the report that “I don’t do drugs. Never did drugs.” he went on to say he does though worry about taking drug tests.
(Just to be clear it has been very public it is a rumour that Red Bull will cause you to fail a drug test. In fact, it is not true. A friend of mine drinks it every morning and has never failed a drug test. Also he provided the link that explains it.

They showed pictures of Baby Alva who they said looked like Baby Fred. (Sorry missed who Baby Alva was)

We then got to see Mark Mathis at the Planet Beach Tanning Salon. Mark pointed to the room for Fred called Uranus. Morgan remarked about Mark’s orange Ommpah Loompah look. Fred said maybe he drinks too much Red Bull.

Tuesday, 6 May 2009

Brotha’ Fred is back from Vacation. Morgan Fogarty had to do double duty with the Fox News @ ten.

Tonight’s Top Topic: Does a candidate’s Sexuality Matter?

In Charlotte, Owen Sutkowski is running for district one city council and is openly gay. He will formerly announce this thursday. He is not running on gay rights issues but for better government transparency and increased community safety.
Morgan said if Charlotte wants to consider itself a world class city, we need to move away from the small-town mentality and include everybody. (I don’t agree. I will never accept cannibals into my community.)
Fred stated “I don’t know that we live in the most free-spirited part of the nation where people are open to different than the norm.” Morgan pointed out this is the bible belt.
grasshoppersThe next report was put-out as a company that makes chocalate. It was a put-on to get Fred to eat chocalate covered grasshoppers. Fred found the package was already opened and thought it had a laxative or similar drug in it until he noticed the bug. He did not eat it. Brien Blakely supplied the chocalate treats.
(Maybe it was funny to Morgan and the crew. I thought it was stupid.) Morgan said she would not eat it because she is a vegetarian.

Former A team member Mr. T threw out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game. He also sang “Take me out to the ball game” during the seventh inning stretch. The Edge crew had more to say about his pants than his singing.

lillyallenBritish singer Lilly Allen does not think Susan Boyle has talent. Fred said “Susan Boyle is a wonderful singer. Close your eyes.”

sara-dogGus from Project Halo brought Sara to the Edge. Gus said Sara had released a number of other dogs while at the York county kennel. Sara likes kids, other dogs and toys. You can see other Dogs and Cats available for adoption by Clicking HERE.

Monday, 25 May 2009

David L was in for Brotha’ Fred alongside Morgan Fogarty tonight on Fox Charlotte’s Newsedge.

Tonight’s Top Topic: Should Danica Patrick come to NASCAR?

Danica finished third in Sunday’s Indy 500. It was the highest finish in the Indianapolis 500 for a woman. There have been rumours (for a long time) of Danica moving to NASCAR. She has plenty of endorsement deals including XM radio, Motorola and Godaddy. Danica also made the cover of Sports Illustrated back in 2005 among many other magazine appearances. She turned down an offer from playboy to appear nude.
 In March Fox Charlotte had a story about CMS kindergarten teacher
Brianne Cronrath. Brianne started racing at the age of 3 and hopes to make it to NASCAR’s big leagues.
 Bruton Smith who owns Lowes Motor Speedway and other NASCAR tracks, stated “It would really be wonderful if we could find some woman who could really offer the appeal, that you’re after and I’m after. It would be great.”
 David & Morgan both said they thought it would be great if Danica Patrick came to NASCAR. (I think it would be great too. But it might also signal the end for Indycars.)


Brianne Cronrath

Tonight was the season premiere of Jon & Kate plus 8. Morgan had her husband Jeremy record the episode but was told what happened. THis is a spoiler alert for those that have yet to watch it.
 At a birthday for the sextuplets Kate mentioned this might be the last one. ALso there was mention of Jon apologizing for bad decisions although he said he did not cheat on Kate. He also exprerssed he does not look forward to when his kids grow up and google the whole story. (Should have thought of that before he put himself and his family on television.)
 David said they should get on Pay Per View and box it out.
Morgan mentioned Jon was previous to the show and IT support person and was fired for misappropriating equipment. (These are our role models?)

Seniors at a Portland, Maine High School have Prom Rugby. They play in their prom dresses and players tear off pieces of other players dresses. As The Edge crew pointed out they do not look like real prom dresses but clothes from a thrift store. David said they look like drag queens. (From a search I found that a number of high schools and colleges have prom dress rugby.)

American Idol finalist, Danny Gokey went home to Milwaukee. He said his music career is just getting started. The Time Warner Arena in Charlotte will host the American Idol Live Tour on August 21. Tickets they reported as costing $1000. David said why pay that kind of money when most of them will be working at Wendy’s next year.

Susan Boyle the 48 year old singning sensation in England has moved on to the final 8 in Britain’s Got Talent. She performed “Memory” from the play Cats. Simon Cowell said during the show “You are one special lady, I have to say, you really are.” Simon axctually apologized to Susan.

Billy Joel is being sued by a former drummer named Liberty Devitto. The drummer is claiming Joel owes royalties from 1975 to 2005 for hits that include “Uptown Girl” and  “Movin’ Out.”

Pope Benedict XVI has joined Facebook. He also knows has a personal website you can find HERE.

Students from Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology are rapping about the EOC tests. They are being used to help remember equations, theories and formulas used on the tests. (West Charlotte High will try the same thing I understand.)

(Must say David L is fun to watch on the Edge. He sometimes starts off looking a bit nervous with the cameras but then seems very relaxed and extremely funny. Hopefully you watched him the last couple of nights or catch him when he appears again. Might be some videos from these shows on the Fox Charlotte website. You can also listen to him, sans cameras on Brotha’ Fred’s A.M. Mayhem on 96.1 the Beat mornings starting at 5:30am.

Friday, 22 May 2009

johnson_bob_cha_080121The Edge Crew tonight was made up of Fox News’ Derek James & David L from 96.1’s A.M. Mayhem.
Tonight’s Top Topic: What do you think will happen to the Bobcat’s?
The Bobcat’s are for Sale. Cheap! Current owner Bob Johnson paid over $300 million back in 2003 and controls 70% of the team. Forbes magazine puts the team’s worth at $284 million, which is 29th in the NBA.
The first question asked is can the Bobcats move? According to the Mayor the team would have to pay the city in part to reimburse the cost for the statsium, $200 million. After 2010 that amount would drop to $150 million.
Bruce Snyder, Fox Charlotte News Sports Director, came on the Edge and said the team would be better without Bob Johnson. Bruce said the owner is rarely at games or does interviews. Bruce went on to say he would be shocked if the team moved.
David said the cheerleaders beat the Bobcats in practice. (I can imagine a Lingerie Basketball Team in the making!)

Men are on the road to extinction. (Probably because we won’t stop to ask directions.) Professor Graves a Rsearcher from the Australian National Universityis saying the male Y chromosome is dying. The chromosome could run out within the next five million years. The professor said  “Humans can’t become parthenogenetic or asexually reproduce, like some lizards, because several vital genes must come from the male,” she went on to say “But the good news is that certain rodent species – the mole voles of Eastern Europe and the country rats of Japan – have no Y chromosome and no SRY gene. “

aikenlambert052309Clay Aiken wrote in his blogg about American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert. Clay wrote: “It” man’s singing as “contrived, awful and slightly frightening,”  David & Derek reported it costs $30 to even get into Clay’s website. (actually basic membership is $19.99. If you also want the coffee mug and lapel pin it cost $30.) Derek said American Idol should stop bringing in professional who are ringers.

Mary Kay Letourneau is hosting a “Hot for Teacher” night at a Seatle nightclub. Mary Letourneau is a celebrity because she is a former teacher who dated her sixth grade student, Vili Fualaau. She was 34 and he was 12 when their relationship started. Mary had two children with the student who is now 26 and served 7 1/2 years in prison. They have been married four years. This is the third time the couple have hosted Hot for Teacher night at Fuel Sports Eats & Beats.

The Denver Zoo is turning poop into power. The zoo is working with the University of Colorado at Denver. They are getting the poop from two asian elephants who each produce 75-100 pounds of waste each day.

A recent study found 1 out of 5 people pee in the pool. They looked at 1000 U.S. adults and 17% admitted letting themselves go in the pool. Even Michael Phelps admitted to doing it last year on the Jimmy Kimmel show. If you are one of the swimmers who have coughs or red, stinging eyes after emerging from the pool then that pool probably was contaminated from people peeing in the pool. It is recommended not to swallow pool water.

mobilechapel2009-05-22-1243040852No need to rush to Vegas. You can go to the altar in a chapel on wheels. Illinois Minister Darrell Best had an old fire truck turned into a wedding chapel on wheels. It comes with everything from just wedding music to a full traditional ceremony, and Best says he will marry you anywhere the truck can park. The wedding chapel was built on CMT’s Trick my Truck.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tonight Top Topic: Would you want Michael Vick on your favorite NFL team?

vick_michael_07Michael Vick was released from prison this week after serving 18 months for running a dogfighting operation. He is under house arrest until July and must wear an electronic monitoring device. Vicks currently is working a construction job for $10/hour. (If you knew Vicks was working construction in your neighborhood, would you let your dog outside?)
 Michael Vicks is still under contract to the Atlanta Falcons. The NFL has suspended him and Atlants has said they will not play him.
 To improve his image Vicks is accepting an offer from the Humane Society. The
Humane Society has said they expect Vick to contribute more than just public service announcements. They said they will use Vick to convince urban teens against dog fighting. Some animal fighting laws were toughened after Vick’s arrest.
United Football League (UFL) is reportedly trying to sign Michael Vick to play for one of its teams. (or is this just a publicity stunt using Vick’s name?) The UFL has only four teams (The Lingerie Football League has more teams. And less clothing!) and will play six games in the season. They have not yet played their first game.
 Morgan & Fred both expressed distaste at dog fighters. Morgan said “They’re cowardly, scum. I don’t think Michael Vick deserves a second chance.” She went on to say to be fair, some people believe he paid the price, served the time and now deserves another chance. Fred brought up that Vick was not that good of a quarterback. “Its not like the NFL is missing a great player.”
(I think people, the NFL and the UFL want a celebrity. Not a great player. It is the celebrity status that is worth more today than any skill or talent. Look at Carrie Prejean who lost the Miss USA pageant. Jon & Kate who other than a tv show are a dysfunctional couple. American Idol loser William Hung who actually sold records. Or another Idol loser Sanjaya Malakar, who gave Fred’s A.M. Mayhem group lots of fun and a couple of great comedy songs. They all had careers with no talent.)
Morgan stated “The only thing Michael Vick is sorry for, is that he got caught. If he hadn’t gotten caught, he would be doing it today.” Fred said when you are at that level….You have to pay tougher consequences. Morgan also said that after Vick’s arrest, he said he was an animal lover. She went on to say “No you’re not. You are not an animal lover.”
Fred brouxavier1ght up if Michael vick ends up on your favorite team and you do not approve, don’t buy tickets to the games or buy merchandise for that team. (Always hit them in the money bags.)
 (For those who watched on Tuesday, you met Xavier who was the product of a dog fighting operation. He would make an excellent companion for someone who can give him the love he needs but is blind in one eye and a little less for wear. If interested, Xavier is still available for adoption from Project Halo.

torch_reefer1The design of the Olympic torch for the Vancouver Olympics was released recently. Many thing it resembles a marijuana joint. It is made of stainless steel, aluminum and sheet moulding. The look is suppose to signify snow, ice, skating and skiiing. Some people in Vancouver are calling it the “Olympic toke.” There was a discussion whether pot was legal in Vancouver. It is against the law there but the law is not enforced. The Vancouver Police Chief Jamie Graham has stated publicly in 2006 “We will no longer arrest or prosecute any individual using, selling or possessing marijuana for any purpose. For all intents and purposes, the laws governing possession throughout Canada will no longer apply here.”

The Edge crew reported that blogs have gone wild about the American Idol results from last night. Many people say Adam Lambert should have won. Morgan remarked that young girls make up a large segment of the voting and they may have preferred Kris Allen’s looks over Adam Lambert and of course taking into account reports of his sexuality being questioned.
 Take the Poll right on here.
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Not sure why but we had to suffer through seeing Mark Mathis at Tony George’s women’s boot camp. Morgan called George “very attractive.” She said she and other from Fox News Charlotte have attended the boot camp. You can find more information at the H.E.A.T. website.

A Connecticut nursing home took a break from shuffleboard and card games. They had strippers. The Summit Senior Home in Southington, CT did this as part of National Nursing Home week. A male stripper gave excitement to the ladies. The men were stuck with a hula dancer. (A Hula dancer?) This is the third year for the event. Watch the video of the event here below.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Tonight’s Top Topic: Are You sick of American Idol already? Actually there was no Top Topic but that would have been my choice for one. Instead the whole show was dedicated to American Idol. The Edge crew Brotha’ Fred & Morgan Fogarty were dressed up for the occassion.

And the winnner is………Kris Allen. Adam Lambert didn’t win. (seemed to leave them a bit perplexed.) The American Idol flow chart was updated for the last time.
 Fred stated he really thought Adam Lambert had it. Morgan asked Fred did he think they got it right. Fred responded “I think I don’t care.” Morgan came back with “I am not sure they got it right.” Fred thought Kris Allen has more mass appeal but falls into a category that is over saturated. Names mentioned include John Mayer and Jack Johnson.

They showed a clip from American Idol. Simon said he thinks they found a world-wide star in Kris allen.  Paula “Guess what drug I am on now” Abdul said Adam was her pick from day one. Fred & Morgan discussed Paula’s drug problem. Fred stated “Paula has a drug problem and she should seek help in the off-season.” 

They then showed the clip of Katrina Darrell in her bikini winning best attitude award. And Kara in her bikini. Morgan said “I loved it! It was the moment of the show. And the season for me.” Fred called Kara a manly woman.

They had a music expert (What is a music expert exactly?), JoJo music director from 96.1 The Beat. (That’s Fred’s station for the uninformed.) They played Kris singing a song from last night written by Kara. Fred called it lame. JoJo said it was weak. Moragn “Its cheesy.”  
 They showed pictures of Adam Lambert kissing guys and discussed whether that would hurt his career. JoJo said it won’t affect it. It was pointed out did not hurt Clay Aiken or ELton John.
 They then played outakes from past NewsEdge episodes concerning American Idol.
 JoJo said he liked Kara in a bikini. (I did too. Does that mean I am a music expert?)

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Tuesday, 20 May 2009

The show started disucssing American Idol. Morgan said she thinks Chris Allen will take it all. Fred said they want Adam Lambert to win but Chris Allen will be a commercial success.

gosselin-b_1Tonight’s Top Topic: Has Reality TV ruined Jon and Kate’s marriage?
Morgan reported there might be some extra-marital side action” for the couple who star in the tv show Jon & Kate plus 8. Fred pointed out this happened to Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson and other reality tv stars.
Both of the Gosselins are rumoured to have had affairs. Jon to a 23 year old school teacher (all my teachers in school were over 90 and ugly.) and Kate to the bodyguard. There are reports that Kate gave Jon a contract allowing him to date others as long as he showed up for filming for thier tv show. Morgan stated reality tv didn’t ruin their marriage but Kate is ruining their marriage.
 The couple earn reportedly $70-100,000 each episode with fourty-some episodes just in season four. This does not include the book tour and other apearances. Some say the marriage problems is just publicity for the show.

Bethenny Frankel of the show Real Housewives of New York City was in town. Morgan spoke to her and asked about a Real Housewives of Charlotte. Bethenny mentioned going to Mac’s for BBQ on South Blvd. Morgan & Fred both enjoy going there.
 Bethenny also talked about NASCAR, saying It’s a crying shame for someone so gorgeous (pronounced “gaw-jess”) to get in the cars and mess up their face. They should put ugly guys in the cars and let them get banged up.

A North Carolina furniture store has a commercial that is “racially inclusive.” Red House Furniture in high Point released the comercial (see it below) on the Internet in April. It is not shown on television.

First video is the commercial. Second video is behind the scenes.

This below is the behind the scenes video of the commercial.

xavierPet of the week is Xavier. Gus from Project Halo brought Xavier who is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He was found on the side of the highway.  Xavier had ben used as a bait dog and would do better by himself without other dogs. He also is blind in one eye. Plenty of love from Xavier. (Fred did seem scared of Xavier.) CLICK HERE if you want to see a list of other dogs & cats available from Prject Halo.

Monday, 18 May 2009


14explorers2-600a1Tonight’s Top Topic: Should the Boy Scouts receive anti-terrorism training?
The Explorer’s program is an affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America although both boys and girls participate. One California troop’s law enforcement program is training scouts to fight terrorism. According to a New York Times article, the training includes confronting terrorists, illegal immigration and border violence. The kids are being taught to take out active shooters and raiding marijuana fields. They dress in fatiagues and carry fake guns. Scout leaders say this is not to apply outside the Explorer’s program.
 Fred reported the Charlotte Explorer’s have a program with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg and other police departments. Mark Turner of the Mecklenburg County Scouts was shown saying the Explorer program is about career exploration, not training. Their training (didn’t he just say not training?) also includes medical, vetinary, health services or journalism. (A future News Edge co-host might come from the Explorer program.)
Fred mentioned he was a cub scout. He did not lean anything.
Many of the kids (boys and girls) said they were attracted to the program by the guns. Fred asked after discussuion of the girl scouts being inviolved “Do they wear the outfit?” Morgan came back mentioning it was just said (3 minutes) earlier in the report they are wearing fatiagues. Fred said “I was not listening.” (Fred. Its only a 25 minute show. What were you doing?)
 Morgan said the officials stated it does not apply outside the Explorer program but someone from the Border Patrol also stated this is to create more agents. Fred gave his approval of the program.
(Does anyone else but me see this as another sign of making kids grow up too early? Are kids no longer expected to be kids while they are young?)

The Edge played a tape of Carolina Panther Jordan Gross. Morgan said he is an American Idol expert while Fred questioned what makes him an expert.
Jordan said he is an expert because:
1) He has been to a finale, seen it live in person.
2) He has interviewed many Idols and given  some his jersey.
3) He challenged Ace Young to a singingh contest and won.
He went on to say Fred only plays their music on his radio program and doesn’t know anything about it. Jordan will not be on the Edge on Wednesday as originaly scheduled.
Fred mentioned that Kelly Clarkson let herself go.


Did Kelly let herself go?

Fox announced it is terminating the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles series. There will be added a talk show with Wanda Sykes.

Facebook is booting fake accounts. But some of those accounts are not really fake. Alicia Istanbul found her two year old account deleted without warning. But that is her real name. She had 330 friends, some of which she had no other way to contact. Facebook does report that it has a blacklist of names new subscribers can not use such as Batman and Susan Boyle who is the 47 year old singing star from England. Although there are already a number of Susan Boyles on Facebook already and many who that really is their name but can not use. (I have dealt with this my whole life. Could tell you many stories where I was not allowed to use my real name or got into trouble because I wrote Paul Newman as my name.) Alicia Instanbul did finally get her account reinstated after three weeks. (Could you go three weeks without a Facebook, Myspace or Twitter account? How important are they to you?) Alicia’s sister, Lisa Istanbul Krikorian also had her account locked out but opened a new one without using her maiden name. Her mother and cousin both changed the spelling to get around the blacklist of their real name but said no one will find you if your name is spelled wrong. Still the process is not perfect. There are a number of accounts with names like I.P. Freely and Seymour Butts.
 Kelly Pickler had her name stolen on Twitter. Kelly said she thought she was the only person named Kelly Pickler. If the person does not give up the name she said she will steal someone else’s name. (Actually I found two other Kelly Picklers in the US. There are hundreds of Paul Newman’s and no I was not named after the actor.) Fred said there was someone using his name on Twitter. Morgan & Fred discussed that their domain names are registered but Morgan said she knows who it is. (There are a number who have written to me through here looking for Fred & Morgan’s actual web sites. Sorry to tell everyone they do not have any. I did offer to both to help with their websites for free but so far they have not said yes. Feel free to keep asking me and them. One day everyone will have a website.)  kellie_pickler

The Edge crew then welcomed Bill Diehl who Creative Loafing had placed on its list of scariest people. Mr. Diehl is a local sometimes controversial attorney in the Charlotte area. They asked him about his case with Gloria Pace King but surprisingly never asked him about his once saying he wanted to be lead singer of Journey……

Sorry this entry is so late. Just backed up with work.

Off the Edge – Weekend

The following entry is not from on The NewsEdge but follow-up to topics from past shows. Hence, Off the Edge. The comments are mine. Blame me….

obama11The Newsedge reported this past week on the controversy that was Arizona State University’s decision not to give President Obama an honorary degree when he spoke there. There was additional controversy surrounding Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame regarding his pro abortion rights stance on abortion, while the catholic college is pro life. Today Notre Dame gave the President an honorary doctor of law degree. During his speech the President said “no matter how much we want to fudge it … the fact is that at some level, the views of the two camps are irreconcilable.” referring directly to the controversial subject.
 President Obama was introduced by the president of Notre Dame with a positive comment for Obama’s not being “someone who stops talking to those who disagree with him.” There were a number of protesters present at the ceremony.

As was discussed on Friday’s Fox Charlotte Newsedge, there was a difference bewteen people who preferred attending the NASCAR Sprint All Star race and the Charlotte Ultraswim competition with Michael Phelps.
Tony Stewart won the All Star race winning $1 million forstewart him and his team. Matt Kenseth came in second so only won a miniscule $243,646 in the “winner takes all” race.
At the Charlotte Ultraswim Michael Phelps was in his first competition since the Olympics. Phelps won in 200 freestyle and the 100 butterfly.  He lost in the 100-meter freestyle to french star Frederick Bousquet. He also was beaten by Aaron Peirsol in the 100 backstroke.
 Whatever you watched this weekend, I hope you enjoyed it.

Just a reminder that if you are looking for someone to help accompany you with your exercise or as a companion when Fox Newsedge is not on, why not consider adopting a dog or cat from Project Halo. You do not have to wait until tuesday for the Pet of the Week, although it is fun to watch. Wasn’t Piper who was on last week a great friendly dog? You can see many of the fabulous pets available for adoption from Project Halo, just Click Here to see them.  

Just a note that this past week has seen quite an increase of visitors to this website. Hope you are enjoying the site. Any comments, suggestions or even complaints are welcome. It is all for you the fans of the show. Feel free to Post comments to the show entries or in the discussion forum.
 Keep in mind that I do not publish any videos from Fox Charlotte’s own website. If you are looking for videos from the show or particulars from the Newsedge or Fox News @ Ten visit their site. It is a great site too.

Don’t forget to watch Fox Newsedge tomorrow night 10:35pm on Fox Charlotte.

Friday, 15 May 2009

SPORTS SWM-PHELPS 15 CHTonight’s Top Topic: Would you rather gop to the NASCAR All-Star race or se Michael Phelps swim?
Fred asked “Is it a wet or wild weekend for you?” (That set the pace for tonight’s show. Fred’s mind was in the gutter the whole night.) Michael Phelps is swimming at the Charlotte Ultraswim and NASCAR is at Lowes Motor Speedway. Saturday is the 25th running of the Sprint All Star race formerly called The Winston.
 Fred mentioned he would rather go see the swimming because of the female swimmers like Caroline Burckle. Morgan said she is going to the Sprint All-Star race.

A new product in the United Kingdom provides a legal high. Called Spice, it mimics the effects that pot has. It was reported to be more powerful than the real thing.

Caroline Burckle

Caroline Burckle

It specifically is illegal in the United States and several other countries.  Curiously, it has been banned in the Netherlands which does allow small amounts of marijuana to be sold/purchased. The ingrediants include: Baybean, Blue Lotus, Lion’s Tail, Lousewort, Indian Warrior, Dwarf Scullcap, Maconha Brava, Pink Lotus, Marshmallow, Red Clover, Rose, Siberian Motherwort, Vanilla, and Honey. The important ingrediant is JWH-018, a synthetic psychoactive substance which was created in a research project in 1995 in the United States.  There is little testing of the substance but some fear it may be more dangerous than even the real thing is.

On to more risque topics was mention of the Smart memory bra which has special foam which when the wearer “heats up” gives a boost and when they cool down so does the bra back to its original shape. It is also called the horny bra. Fred asked Morgan “Don’t your breasts change shape throughout the month anyway?” Morgan seemed to have lost it for a moment. After some laughing and looney discussion, she did say yes its true. MoFo talked about the horny bra is a push-up bra when w oman is aroused but asked (Why is she asking Fred this?) shouldn’t it do this Before you are aroused? “It seems late in the game.” (Guess they just lost Morgan’s order for the bra.) You can order yours from the manufacturer at their website.

Bar-Be Q

Bar-Be Q

A mannequin in Cinncinnati almost got herself arrested for being too sexy. The life-sized doll stands in the window of a local BBQ restaurant. Bar-Be Q as she is named, stirred controversy because of her large breasts (do people realize she is made of plastic?) and her fate went to the zoning board. (She does not wear the horny bra) The board determined she can stay but needs to wear a t-shirt instead of the bikini. Morgan seemed uncomfortable with all the breast talk.

Mark Mathis then presented a report on wellness with.. (Sorry I skipped it because it sucked. Was at the NASCAR truck race and caught the Edge on tape. Fast forward and Mark Mathis just seem to go together.)

The five winers were announced in the Lowes Motor Speedway giveaway. Each won two tickets to the Carquest 300 NASCAR Nationwide race.

Enjoy the weekend!