Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tonight Top Topic: Would you want Michael Vick on your favorite NFL team?

vick_michael_07Michael Vick was released from prison this week after serving 18 months for running a dogfighting operation. He is under house arrest until July and must wear an electronic monitoring device. Vicks currently is working a construction job for $10/hour. (If you knew Vicks was working construction in your neighborhood, would you let your dog outside?)
 Michael Vicks is still under contract to the Atlanta Falcons. The NFL has suspended him and Atlants has said they will not play him.
 To improve his image Vicks is accepting an offer from the Humane Society. The
Humane Society has said they expect Vick to contribute more than just public service announcements. They said they will use Vick to convince urban teens against dog fighting. Some animal fighting laws were toughened after Vick’s arrest.
United Football League (UFL) is reportedly trying to sign Michael Vick to play for one of its teams. (or is this just a publicity stunt using Vick’s name?) The UFL has only four teams (The Lingerie Football League has more teams. And less clothing!) and will play six games in the season. They have not yet played their first game.
 Morgan & Fred both expressed distaste at dog fighters. Morgan said “They’re cowardly, scum. I don’t think Michael Vick deserves a second chance.” She went on to say to be fair, some people believe he paid the price, served the time and now deserves another chance. Fred brought up that Vick was not that good of a quarterback. “Its not like the NFL is missing a great player.”
(I think people, the NFL and the UFL want a celebrity. Not a great player. It is the celebrity status that is worth more today than any skill or talent. Look at Carrie Prejean who lost the Miss USA pageant. Jon & Kate who other than a tv show are a dysfunctional couple. American Idol loser William Hung who actually sold records. Or another Idol loser Sanjaya Malakar, who gave Fred’s A.M. Mayhem group lots of fun and a couple of great comedy songs. They all had careers with no talent.)
Morgan stated “The only thing Michael Vick is sorry for, is that he got caught. If he hadn’t gotten caught, he would be doing it today.” Fred said when you are at that level….You have to pay tougher consequences. Morgan also said that after Vick’s arrest, he said he was an animal lover. She went on to say “No you’re not. You are not an animal lover.”
Fred brouxavier1ght up if Michael vick ends up on your favorite team and you do not approve, don’t buy tickets to the games or buy merchandise for that team. (Always hit them in the money bags.)
 (For those who watched on Tuesday, you met Xavier who was the product of a dog fighting operation. He would make an excellent companion for someone who can give him the love he needs but is blind in one eye and a little less for wear. If interested, Xavier is still available for adoption from Project Halo.

torch_reefer1The design of the Olympic torch for the Vancouver Olympics was released recently. Many thing it resembles a marijuana joint. It is made of stainless steel, aluminum and sheet moulding. The look is suppose to signify snow, ice, skating and skiiing. Some people in Vancouver are calling it the “Olympic toke.” There was a discussion whether pot was legal in Vancouver. It is against the law there but the law is not enforced. The Vancouver Police Chief Jamie Graham has stated publicly in 2006 “We will no longer arrest or prosecute any individual using, selling or possessing marijuana for any purpose. For all intents and purposes, the laws governing possession throughout Canada will no longer apply here.”

The Edge crew reported that blogs have gone wild about the American Idol results from last night. Many people say Adam Lambert should have won. Morgan remarked that young girls make up a large segment of the voting and they may have preferred Kris Allen’s looks over Adam Lambert and of course taking into account reports of his sexuality being questioned.
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Not sure why but we had to suffer through seeing Mark Mathis at Tony George’s women’s boot camp. Morgan called George “very attractive.” She said she and other from Fox News Charlotte have attended the boot camp. You can find more information at the H.E.A.T. website.

A Connecticut nursing home took a break from shuffleboard and card games. They had strippers. The Summit Senior Home in Southington, CT did this as part of National Nursing Home week. A male stripper gave excitement to the ladies. The men were stuck with a hula dancer. (A Hula dancer?) This is the third year for the event. Watch the video of the event here below.

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  1. Those who give pitbulls the bad name should be shot in the head, or better yet put in a fight with a gun permit NRA member like myself. Ive got a PIT and im tired of people giving me shit everytime i walk my dog. I’d shoot Vick if i could and all you other M F ers that think its cool to fight your dog, Go to Vegas you Fucks!

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