For those wondering about the lack of updates, I am dealing with some family health issues. Will update when i get back or when copies of the show are sent to me. Am very bored right now. Otherwise will update when i get back. Thanks for your understanding.

Monday, 8 June 2009

tb_gun-lg-1Top Topic: Should guns be allowed in restaurants and bars?
From a legal perspective, these laws are more about whether guns are allowed in places that serve alcohol. Personally I do not see any reason to need a gun in either place. There are other weapons that should be allowed. Flame throwers in restaurants. If you ordered your steak well-done and it came out rare you don’t have to yell for the waitress. Hand grenades for bars. You want to order a drink but there is a crowd right at the bar. A hand grenade will clear them out quick. Rocket launchers are helpful for parking problems. But guns? Not sure there is a need for them.

tandem-skydiveBrotha’ Fred did it! He jumped out of a plane. They showed vido. Hope you caught it. Fred did Tandem Skydiving which is where you are tied via a harness to a skydiving instructor. Fred said he jumped from 14,00- feet. Morgan asked a lot of questions about skydiving. Including about chickening out at the last minute. SHe also stated she is afraid of heights and planes so might be difficult for her to do. Sounds like Fred had  a lot of fun. He used the company Skydive Carolina for his jump. I’d never do it although my brother has a thousand jumps. All my airplane flights are for both directions. Up and down.

adam-lambert-rolling-stoneAdam Lambert it was announced on the Edge would be coming out. The new issue of Rolling Stone Adam Lambert admits to being gay. He also talks about druug use. According to the AP, Adam Lambert says it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that he’s gay. “I’m proud of my sexuality. I embrace it. It’s just another part of me.” Will this have an effect on Lambert’s career?  Do you care or is this kind of thing now old news?

In other Adam Lambert news, he signed a record deal. He was second in AMerican Idol and second to sign a record deal. He signed with RCA records and will have an album released this fall.

A recent study found that the ring of a cell phone is just as distracting in class as talking on the phone. To prove the point Fred had someone call his cell phone. But he could not get the cell phone to ring. He answered it but was there someone on there or not? Did not mean much when as Morgan pointed out, no one heard it ring.

Kyle Busch won the NASCAR race on Saturday at Nasheville Speedway. The trophy at that particular track is always a custom-made Gibson guitar that is hand-painted by artist Sam Bass. Kyle accepted the trophy and then walked around his race car and proceeded to smash it against the ground. Busch has a reputation as being a bad boy. This probably did not help.
Kyle said he meant no disrespect. He had told his crew earlier they would each get a piece of the trophy. The driver earns millions of dollars each year. Why not purchase a guitar for each of his crew which would be pocket change to him. As a musician myself, this was painful for me to watch.
Sam Bass on Monday was quoted as saying “It’s like raising a child,” Bass said. “You start out with nothing and you finish it and you hope people will take care of it. And it was stunning, absolutely stunning to see that thing destroyed within seconds of him getting it. It’s like raising a child, You start out with nothing and you finish it and you hope people will take care of it. And it was stunning, absolutely stunning to see that thing destroyed within seconds of him getting it.”
After the race on Saturday, Sam was seen smiling in Victory Lane with Busch and had said he was okay with it. His later comments were: “I’m not going to accost him in victory lane or fuss at him and berate him,” Bass said. “If he told me he meant no disrespect, I’m going to take him at his word that he meant no disrespect.”


Morgan & fred then reported on a Full House movie that may be in the works. The series ran for eight seasons and starred John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron, Jodie Sweetin, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen and Lori Loughlin.  John Stamos is reportedly inviolved with the project but said no original cast members would appear except in possible cameo appearances.  Do we need a Full House movie? Gimme a Break! No we do not need a Gimme a Break! movie either……

Friday, 5 June 2009

OK. OK. Here it is!For those asking for the Youtube video with Morgan and her famous “twitter” comment. The Famous Morgan Fogarty “Tweat” comment which takes places at about 1:21 into the video. Fred loses it a bit later into the video.

Tonight Top Topic: Are you a Twit? How much do you Twit?
The Edge crew spoke about a Harvard Business Study on Twitter use. (You would think they would be studying business with the economy in its current condition.) In the study was found that:

  • 90% of tweets are made by 10% of users.
  • Half of Twitter users tweet less than once every 74 days.
  • Twitter men are twice likely to follow another man than a woman.
  • Men have 15% more followers than women.

Brotha Fred talked about their being an imposter on Twitter. Here are the most important Twitters to follow:
Morgan Fogarty
Brotha’ Fred:
Brotha Fred Imposter
Paul Newman (Me)

0603_angelina-jolie_170x170Forbes magazine came out with its  annual Celebrity 100 list. ANgelina Jolie is the most powerful celebrity in the world. Oprah Winfrey #2, Madonna #3, Beyonce Knowles #4, Tiger Woods #5. Morgan & Fred talked about that Angelina earned $27 million, while Oprah earned$275 million last year. Forbes rates people on the list based on earnings as well as publicity & exposure in the media.
The Edge crew came up with its own, list that centers on Charlotte which includes Steve Smith, Pat McCrory and Ric Flair.

paula-abdul-0606Brotha’ Fred & Morgan Fogarty talked about Paula Abdul’s appearance on Letterman. Paula was asked about whether she was leaving American Idol. She replied that “It’s called, um, ‘negotiating’.” Paula also mentioned she likes Kara. Paula did look relatively sober.

Want an example of what is wrong with this country? A family worked in shifts for 30 hours over 14 weeks to place 18,000 votes for American Idol’s Kris Allen. The Rychalsky family spent two hours each Tuesday and four for the final episode. This was the best use of the family’s time?
With all the problems in this country and shortages in many areas, spending so much time on trivial things just increases the problems. The
Red Cross performs many services including visitiing families from house fires to major hurricanes to asist with places to live/shelters, food/medical delivery and other immediate needs. They not only need money donations but Time donations. There is a shortage of people. Only a few hours each week of training from Idol voting and the Rychalsky family could have been prepared to assist other families. Thereafter its only a few hours a month or whatever time you have. There are many, many other organizations with a shortage of people for teaching adults to read;  Big brother/big sister; volunteer police and tons of others. You can find many volunter positions at the Federal Serve.gov website. You will also get a better sense of the world and make you feel prouder of yourself when you volunteer to help others. And You might need those same services one day.

Bit of correction or clarification: The Edge crew talked about Police arresting a twenty year old for underage drinking. It was said this was a minor thing for the police to spend time on.  Actually the woman was involved in a fatal crash killing a motorcyclists and was awaiting trial. Erika Scoliere, 20 had been released on bail and a condition was placed that she was not to drink alcohol or be around those that are.
Scoliere is charged with reckless homicide and aggravated DUI. There were picturs on Facebook showing her in a drunken state. A caption for one of the pictures said: ‘Erika passed out in my bed. Ha Ha”  The check was done on Scoliere specifically (and not a general search on Facebook) as she failed to call in as scheduled which was a condition of her bail and not wewaring an ankle monitor. Her Attorney had argues at her bail hearing against wearing a ankle monitor because she was going back to school. 
Fred had said police should have been spending time looking for child porn instead of looking for underage drinking. This was done by the State Attorney general’s office only because Scoliere violated the conditions of her bail.

Britney’s Kids can not dance. Watch the video here. Not Toxic but “Baby One more time.”  But hey they are still young.

smurfs_croatia_1411708cThere will be a world record attempt in the UK for the largest gathering of Smurfs. The existing record is 1253 Smurfs set in Northern Ireland.

There is only (7) Seven days left until television is digital only. That means if you get your reception from an antenna (not cable or satellite) and your television set has an older analog only tuner you will no longer be able to watch Fox Charlotte NewsEdge this time next week. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Do go to DTV.gov or Fox Charlotte’s website and find out what you need to do to continue watching television after the change to all digital. You have less than a week.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

scaleimTop Topic: Everybody Loves the 80’s again. In 25 years, What will people still love from this decade?
The discussion firs started with showing some items from the 1980’s and several movies coming out that are based on 1980’s television series. As Morgan & Fred made fun of a few people on the Edge Underground for not knowing what came from what decade, let me make fun of them. They mentioned the tv show “Land of the Lost.” WRONG!!! Land of the Lost by Sid & Marty Kroft was from the 1970’s and not the 80’s. It was broadcast from 1974 to 1976. They did do a new version of Land of the Lost but it came out in 1991. Just so you know the high point of Sid & Marty Kroft’s television career in the 1980’s was in producing Pink Lady & Jeff. Considered one of the worst tv shows of all times.
Fred held up a toy of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. Star Wars the movie was released in 1977. While later star wars movies were released in the 1980’s the Millennium Falcon is a product of the 1970’s. Sometimes making fun of others comes back to you Fred & Morgan…..
Many things in this decade are really enhanced versions from the previous decade. Here is my top 3 list of what people will love or at least think about in 25 years. I don’t like any of them myself though. 

  1. Guitar Hero
  2. The Da Vinci Code
  3. American Idol

jolie-pitt-b_16The Edge crew announced that Brad & Angelina are splitting up. Well according to reps for both of them the rumour is not true.  It was started by the National Enquirer. They have been together since 2005 which is forever in hollywood years.

Susan Boyle to sing at the White House. ANother rumour Michele Obama’s Press Secretary (I need to get a press secretary) has stated “It actually is not true.”  It would be strange to invite a Brit to the White House celebrating our independance from England.
UPDATE: Susan Boyle has been released from the Health Clinic. My sister (who lives in England) has said it was major news there.

will-smithWill Smith is going to produce a new version of the Karate Kid movie. Will Smith wil not star in the movie but his son Jaden will.
There is also in development a new Totall Recall movie. No Arnold this time.

britneycostumesBritney Spears has new costumes for her current tour. Take a look.

Evidently skinny guys like Brotha’ Fred have better immune systems than brawny guys. Testosterone, the hormone that promotes secondary muscle growth, suppresses the immune system of all animals, including people.

A student in Purdy Washington read an essay at his High School. The essay was about the legalization of marijuana. While he was reading he lit up a marijuana joint and smoked it. He sat down after reading his essay. Finished smoking and then ate the remains of the joint. Then he was arrested on possession charges.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Tonight’s Top Topic: Are Newspapers Dead?
A number of long existing Newspapers have shut down in recent years or changed over to digital only formats.  The largest of these include the Rocky Mountain News (founded 1959) which closed and the
Seattle Post-Intelligencer  (founded 1863) which is now exists only as a web-based newspaper. A number of large metropolitan newspapers have also been reported in serious trouble including the Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Chicago Sun-Times and the New York Daily News.
Printed newspapers are having a hard time competing against online news. Online news is generally free, updated more than once a day and can include video and other media. Still, newspapers have historically offered the best examples of investigative journalism. It was Newspapers who first reported major stories such as The attack on Peal Harbo (NY Times) and the people behind Watergate (Washing Post).  42% of the public in a recent survey said they would not miss them if newspapers dissappeared. Many others enjoy there paper newspapers. Still others relie on them for local news or to line their bird cages. Much of the news on the Internet is actually reports from wire news services like the Associated Pressm or Reuters. You will also find much of the news reports on web sites is actually from daily newspapers wuch as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and others. Yet newspaper sales is down while their costs have been increasing. So if some of the daily newspapers go under you will find the quality of news reporting and available will decrease as well. Manylocal  newspapers have merged operations which has decreased the amount of local coverage.
Most television news today fills most of its time with personal interest stories, weather, opinions (talking heads), viewer feedback, etc. which have little cost to produce and allows for maximum profits. Newspapers have also descreased the amount of investigative reporting, amount of overall content, eventhe size of the papers all to reduce their expenses. Many local newspapers have chosen to skip publishing certain days.
Besides general news, Newspapers have suffered competition in sports with ESPN & Fox Sports; Weather with the Weather Channel &Weather.com; Help wanted with Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com; Personal interest articles with Fox Charlotte Newsedge. 
 I have worked with websites since…Well since there has been websites. About ten years ago I attended a Technology trade show and there was a session about the current state of the media and how it affected the Internet. Newspapers at that time did not feel threatened or see websites as competition. Two people there from newspapers said their newspapers mentioned Classified and Help wanted ads as a large profit area but stated the Internet would never be a substitue for newspaper ads. One of those newspapers went from a 32 page section of classifieds to currently three pages. That newspaper instead of hosting job ads on their web site only have a link to Careerbuilder.com.
 The issue was like the American Car companies and manufacturers was the attitude that no one can compete and there is no reason to change. Instead of these newspapers embracing the Internet and technology, they ignored it. Many newspapers are looking at the same fate as General Motors & Chrysler (bankruptcy) but without a goverment bailout. I can also tell you that while some newspapers operate their news websites at a profit, they still are making some of the same mistakes as in paper form.
More newspapers will dissapear. But will you notice?

octomom_0601Everyone’s least favorite mother of 14 will have a reality show. But so far it will not be seen in the United States. Eyeworks, the ducth production company in charge of the show has said it has not found an American network to broadcast it. This is the same production company responsible for such classics as Breaking Bonaduce and Scott Baio Is 45 … and Single. The show will not be a cameras following them everywhere but covering events like birthday parties, doctor visits and botox injections for Nadya Suleman.
In other Mother of too many kids news, Nadya expressed how much she is superior as a Mother to  Kate Gosselin. Isn’t that like saying cockroaches make better pets than termites?

cayleebearIt lasted only two weeks but there was a website, cayleebears.com that was selling bears. The Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation was originally supplying bears with a t-shirt to police and fire departments. This was to create awareness of child safety. But then the web site came on and was selling a more distasteful version (as seen here) that came delivered in a garbage bag. The web site has just been taken down after many complains and an online petition.

If you knew you left your cell phone someplace, you might consider calling it. Then when someone answers you can sau “Hey, did you find my phone?” That is what Anothony Ramirez did. But he is a suspect in a murder and left his phone at a house he burglarized earlier in the day. While police were investigating they cayleebears_badheard the phone ring. The officer answered the phone and offeed to meet Ramirez to return the phone. They met but Ramirez escaped not knowing the police were involved. Five days later he was texting someone else who also was a police officer again about meeting to get his phone back. This time they got him. STUPID!

Note to All Edgy People:

I am changing the way these posts are written. Have heard from people they like reading what they may have missed or did not watch at all. But if you read here instead of watching there will be no tv show. Instead will focus more on additional details, pictures & video of topics covered. More links will be provided as well and if you go to the Links page on here you will see website links from topics, guests and others related to the show which will be expanded further. Look for many more videos and pictures to be added to that section as well.
 Also the reason why some posts have been late is that I started some volunteer work on some evenings. Am getting home around NewsEdge time and just starting dinner. Then I do my own work until three in the morning. I have no life :)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

realitystarsTonight’s Top Topic: Do Reality Show participants get what they deserve?
11 People who appeared on reality shows has committed suicide. Paula Goodspeed, Cheryl Kosewicz, Najai Turpin, Nathan Clutter and others all took their own life and the reasons point towards their appearances on reality shows. Susan Boyle a finalist on the reality show Britain’s Got Talent and became an instant sensation checked herself into a health clinic after losing on the show. There are some reports that she was in deep depression.

We have also seen how Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marriage seems to be in trouble. Hulk Hogan and his family. Brotha’ Fred said “They know what they’re getting into.” These contestants all must sign waivers before appearing on these shows. Is it the shows that are responsible or do these people have issues before they even sign on to the shows? Someone on the Edge line said these people want their 15 minutes of fame. Maybe they want even more than just the 15 minutes and it still is not enough.

Microsoft has launched its “project Natal” gaming system. That is the codename for the upcoming Xbox 360. It senses body movement in 3 dimensions and recognizes voices. The kids will have to have it. Doesn’t anybody play cowboys & Native Americans anymore?

stupid_ponk_ass_robberWe know many people have to post the most (boring) little details of their lives on Myspace, Facebook, twitter, etc. Sometimes people think only a few close friends and family read their postings. Hey when I first put up this site I was surprised how many found it when I was still testing it out! Joseph Northington must have thought no one read his postings. The 27 year old robbed the Security Federal bank in North Augusta, South Carolina. He walked out with $3,924. Police only knew Northington had a scar on his face from a gunshot wound and that he used myspace. They were able to find his Myspace page. He made their search easier by writing “One in the head still ain’t dead!!!!!! On tha run for robbin a bank Love all of yall.” Nine days later he was arrested in Virginia, near his home. Now he is facing fines of $250,000 and a minimum of seven years in prison and a maximum of life.
Fred said “maybe he’s just an idiot.” You think?

Got Milk? Make it chocolate milk if you just finished a workout. there have been numerous studies the past few years. The findings range from as good a drink after exercise as gatorage or other sport drinks to the best post-workout drink. Fred mentioned (jokingly I think) that he was breast fed until he was 12. There actually have been cases of women who had breast fed their kids up to the age of 13. Might explain a few thinsg about fred…

britney-jasonBritney is dating again. This time someone she knows professionally. Oh wait. Everyone she dates she knows professionally except that one friend in vegas. This time it is agent Jason Trawick.

Adam Lambert is dating. Reportedly a guy. Look at these pictures of Adam and one of his boy toys.

Pet of the Week was actually four. Gus from Project Halo brought “The Quads.” Four adorable puppies. They are not ready to go home with someone for three weeks but you can apply now if interested in adopting them. They are a terrier mix. They should grow to  a medium size dog. They have other adam-lamdogs and cats (Gus when you going to bring a little kitty?) you cann them if you click on the List of Dogs & Cats available for adoption. And since someone nicely asked (yes I do requests. Sometimes.) Aussie Pet Mobile is the one mentioned that preps the dogs from Project Halo.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Note to All Edgy People: I am changing the way I enter episodes. Have heard from people they like reading what they may have missed or did not watch at all. But if you read here instead of watching there will be no tv show.  (sorry Shreya from the UK) Instead will focus more on additional details, pictures & video of topics covered. More links will be provided as well and if you go to the Links page on here you will see website links from topics, guests and others related to the show which will be expanded further.
 Also the reason why some posts have been late is that I started some volunteer work on some evenings. Am getting home around NewsEdge time and just starting dinner. Then I do my own work until three in the morning. I have no life :)

pygmygoat12Morgan Fogarty & Brotha’ Fred back together again tonight.
Tonight’s Top Topic: Should (Charlotte) City officials worry about goats as pets or do they have bigger fish to fry?
The discussion centers around the Charlotte City Council which is considering allowing pet pygmy goats to Charlotte citizens. The vote may happen by next week. Pygmy goats are the same size as many dogs and do not require large fields to be kept although they stay outdoors. They are very popular around the country as pets. You can find out more information about these animals from the
National Pygmy Goat Association. You knew their was an association for everything.
 The bigger question is whether the city council should be spending time on this with major issues like the bad economy, job losses, pollution, roads, possible sale of the Bobcats and lack of a
Lingerie Football League team. The City council is working on those issues. It really comes down to what is important to you. If you lost your job then the economy is the issue you want them working on. If your breathing is getting harder, pollution is your main interest. But if you own a pygmy goat then you want the city council to repeal the current ordinance that does not allow you to keep one as a pet. The City council must represent all people. Even pygmy goat lovers.

Morgan said she had a friend with a pet goat. Ever notice Morgan often brings horses, goats and pigs in to the conversation? Makes me wonder about those summers shoveling manure….

jamie-foxx-and-halle-berry-kiss_1Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx shared a passionite moment at the Spke TV Awards. Halle was accepting a Guys Choice Decade of Hotness award from Jamie Foxx. Halle who is 42, just had a baby with CURRENT boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. But it was not just the lick-locking that caused a stiore. As the Edge crew pointed out, there was some hand movements that might be a bit much for an awards show. Halle grabbed Jamie in the money maker. Jamie grabbed Halle’s ass. She has two failed marriages. Is it any wonder why? Her solution to the failed marriage problem for her? Don’t get married again.

Sasha Baron Coehn, aka Borat, aka Bruno descended from the ceiling duruing an MTV awards. He was bare-assed and landed in the lap of Eminem. The Edge crew questions whether this was staged. The cameras were already there as “Bruno” was still in the air. Its starting to look like everything is staged. Reality TV is staged now. Where is the reality?

The Edge crew also talked about Eminem attacking Briteny, Christina and Nick Cannon. Somewhere along the way Morgan asked what was considered Second base? Celebrities seem to have their own view but here is the offical Newsedge Guide to the bases:

1st Base – making out, kissing (tongue or no tongue)
2nd Base – fingering, handjob
3rd Base – licking out or oral
Home Plate – full sex
kate-gosselin-bikini-04Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate plus 8 was shown in a bkini. Fred asked if she is hot? Or 8 kids hot? They talked about Kate having a tummy tuck and other work. I think it really comes down to how you gauge hottness. And while Kate’s body may not be perfect in that bikini, 34 percent of people in this country are considered obese and many men would not want to see fit into a bikini at all. On the other side Ruben would have said she is way too thin and there are many men who would agree. If you want to see all of the pictures of Kate Gosselin in a bikini CLICK HERE.

Susan Boyle  the ugly duckling with the amazing voice has reportedly been checked into a mental health clinic. This following her loss on Britain’s Got Talent. With all the pressure of people telling her how great she is and then actually losing I would almost expect some trauma.  katemain

Friday, 29 May 2009

David L was in for Morgan Fogarty. So we had A.M. Mayhem for the P.M. Or is it the P.M. Mayhem?

Tonight’s Top Topic: Do you Swim in Public Pools. (it was more like do you PEE in public pools.)
Illnesses realted to water and pools are up.  In Oklahoma, athletes got siock after a swim event in the Oklahoma River.  While they are not 100% sure it was the river, the athletes had symptoms consistent with it. Diarrhea, vomiting, fever and abdominal pain.  Michael Phelps admitted to having peed in pools. Research has found 10% of people enter a public pool with a running noxse, rash or diarrhea. (YUK!) There have long been rumours that pool water will change color if you pee in it but it is not true. (We would be swimming in blue water!)

s-elizabeth-adeney-largeElizabeth Adeney is about to give birth. No big deal except that she is 66 years old. She will be the oldest person to give birth in Britain. She received IVF treatments to get pregnant. She will be about 80 when the kid starts high school. She is a divorcee so will raise the child by herself.

A Mother bought botox for her teen daughter. This was to fix wrinkles in the eightteen’s forehead. The girl said she does not want to look old. (Disfigured is okay I guess?) dailymail-botox

Candy Spelling has said her daughter Tori killed her father, television producer Aaron Spelling. Candy mentioned that Tori abandoning the family caused his heart to break.

Will Farrell announced he is launching his own brand of sunscreen. Named “sun Stroke”, “Sexy Hot Tan” & “forbidden Fruit” it is sure to make a splash at the beaches. (I guess) All the proceeds will benefit Cancer for College’s College Willpowered Scholarship Fund, which grants college scholarships to cancer will_ferrell_500x375survivors and amputees.

The state of PA is investigating “on & Kate”for department of Labor violations relating to the “plus 8” kids.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tonight’s Top Topic: What is your worst Towing story?
The Edge crew presented a report of people having their cars booted and forced to pay $50 on the spot at a local DMV office. Fred said he never has had his car towed.

Rappers are trading diamonds for cubic-zirconia. But don’t tell anyone. The Bling Business is hurt by the current economy. As major Rap and hip-hop artists see less income many are turning to fake jewelry. None of these rappers want to admit to wearing fake diamonds but there have been several accusations.

licenseinsidex-largePeople in Virginia should not smile. At least at the DMV.Virginia has a face recognition system based on driver’s license photos. People normally smile for their pictures but as the system has been tested the past few years authorities have found it needs a “neutral facial expression” to recognize people. There have been other issues with the system as people made funny faces for their pictures and some wore disguises. The face recognition system is also used in Arkansas, Indiana and Nevada.

At the University of Chicago, students have created a “Men in Power” club.  The club is to help men get ahead professionally.

Susan Boyle has threatened to quit Britain’s Got Talent. There are also reports of her using the F-bomb. (Is it little wonder she has never been kissed?)

Brittany Spears was at a photo shoot when it was “that time of the month.” Last year at a shoot for OK! Magazine  Britney displayed to people her blood stained panties. This time it was at a photo shoot for Elle and she claimed she forgot about her period. It has been reported that Britney ruined some expensive clothes.

The Edge crew reported on the Summer Snuggie. Its said to be a wearable towel. Basically a towel with a hole for your arms. (Go waste your money on another gimmick.)