Monday September 27, 2010

Brotha’ Fred on HLN (Headline News) today during the Showbiz Tonight episode. He talked about the Octomom having a garage sale. The sale took place at her house at 2051 Madonna Avenue, La Habra, CA  90631. Nadya Suleman owes $450,000 on her mortgage. What would anyone do when they owe that much money? Have a garage sale of course. She says the proceeds from the auction-style yard sale will go to “Food, shelter and clothing.”  Among other items, available for purchase were autographed nursing bra, a fridge, a bikini Suleman wore on the cover of tabloid magazines, boxers Tattoo was wearing when he found out the amazing news that Nadya was having 8 babies and eight devil costumes worn by her children. Photographs with the octuplets were available for $100.

I for one am glad I missed that sale. But I did stop at a garage sale Saturday in Kannapolis. Bought a towel rck for 75¢.

Katy Perry may not be on Sesame Street but you will see her soon on the Simpons. It will be a christmas themed epsisode. She will play live action while the show’s regular characters will be puppets. The real surprise is that Katy Perry will perform as Moe’s girlfriend.