About News Edge

Fox News Edge is a show on Charlotte, North Carolina WCCB that airs at 10:35PM weeknights. Usually hosted by Brotha’ Fred and Morgan Fogarty.

The show is entertaining, informative and gives some insight into what Charlotte people (or at least two warped minds) are thinking. Cutting “Edge” stories have included many topics. Maybe not really cutting edge but off the Edge of the planet stuff. It is often the opinions and tension between the hosts that make the show. And they often speak before thinking things out completly which can give you a laugh. There is an honesty of opinions that is rarely seen in similar programs. 

Read their Bios which are definitly not authorized. But the ones on the Fox Charlotte site are boring!


This site has little purpose but to discuss the Charlotte Fox NewsEdge show, its hosts and topics. Feel free to register and express your own comments or post in the message forums.

A group of us who are fans of the show (we must be the thirteen viewers Fred often mentions) were one day discussing a particular episode of the show.  We felt more discussion was needed and there should be a place for it. Also the NewsEdge often directs viewers to visit the Fox Charlotte website for further information but none of us are able to find these things on their site. So you will find direct web links not only to topics & people on the show but oragnizations like Project HALO  and charities mentioned.  there are some great things on the official ox Charlotte site so check it out too.

 This site is not intended to replace watching Fox NewsEdge. Most of what makes the show enjoyable can not be written into words. If you have not yet seen the show, be sure to watch it!  Do not confuse the Charlotte version of the Newsedge show with ones from other Fox affiliates.

 As an Un-Official page we are not bound by FCC regulations. Though, Please keep things civil! The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and we are not in any way associated with Fox broadcasting, WCCB-TV or the Fox NewsEdge show. We are just fans!


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