Wednesday, 29 April 2009

border-patrol-18901On the 10 o’clock news, Morgan reported on Chicken pox Parties. This sounded like a segment for the Edge but was only on the news. Hopefully they post a video of the segement on the Fox Charlotte web site. It had a lot of useful information and parents should be aware of this. Not a totally new practice but bad ideas seem to come back to haunt us. Did not have my pen & paper ready but it described sharing lollipops and pajamas (this is not a joke) in order to “help” the kids get the chickenpox. As reported this can have devistating effects beyond just the chicken pox. Maybe it could get mentioned on the Newsedge?

Tonight’s Top Topic: Should the U.S.-Mexico border be closed until the swine flu pandemic is over?
There are some traffic bans already in effect. One Congressman and one Congresswoman have already said they want the border shut down. Fred said why not shut down the border to illegal immigrants? There are already countries that will not import pork products from the U.S. or Mexico. (Did not know we get pork products from Mexico. Most of mine comes from Gary’s BBQ in China Grove.)
Egypt will slaughter all the pigs within their border. This although, it has not been proven there is pig to human transfer of the virus. Also eating pork is not dangerous unless it is not fully cooked. Fred said “Don’t leave your house!”
 Morgan stated the symptoms which include:  headache, sore throat, coughing and body aches. As was pointed out by Fred and Morgan the symptoms are nearly identical to a regular case of the flu. (swine flu can only be confirmed by a lab test.)
 (Ok. Pandemic seems to be used a lot lately. But is this a pandemic right now? The actual dictionary definition of Pandemic is: “over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population.” Maybe we are not in a pandemic right now?)  

The discussion was back about if the players from the Lingerie Football League are really athletes. Brought on as guests are players from The Carolina Queens. (If you said you would watch women play football, here is a chance for you to put up or shut up. They have a game on May 2nd.) The Queens are a part of the Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL).
realpowerThey play full tackle football.
Morgan said the Lingerie players are not real athletes because they wear lingerie. Fred asked the Carolina Queens players if they could play football even if they had to wear lingerie. The Carolina Queens issued a challenge to the Atlanta Steam from the LFL to play a game. We did get to see Fred make a pass to a woman. He used  football but did make three good passes. He asked the crew for a round of applause. You almost could hear crickets in the background. Be sure to get your tickets to see
The Carolina Queens play.

 Fred and Morgan apologized that they did not update the board last week for American Idol and also did not get into Anoop’s departure from the show. Anoop was on Fred’s A.M. Mayhem show this week. (You can get many outakes from the show on their 96.1 website so the interview with Anoop might be on there. Check it out if you missed it.

Octomom – The Musical. You heard it on the Edge. “A comedic parody with a point.” It will open at a small theatre in Los Angeles. (O…K….Let’s move on now)

Naked Frisbee. (not a replacement for Lingerie football) A student board at an oregon University has called an early end to the season for the ultimate frisbee squad. It was reported as conduct violations after hearing a complaint the men’s team had played naked.

tupac_lives_0002_layer_4_copy_2_fullTupac is alive! A picture has been published by TMZ that claims to show a very alive Tupac. MoFo said he is alive. With Elvis and Biggie Smalls. It was mentioned that there has been new albums published from Tupac since his death and where is all that coming from? Tupac Shakir died back in 1999. You decide.

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  1. I think there is too much but scaring people about the swine flu. more people die in car crashes in a day than all that died by swine flu. the woman next door said the emergency room was full of people worried they had it.

  2. The whole point is to stop the spred of it before it becomes a big thing. If people invovled would have done the same thing in the eighties aids would not be the major problem that it is now.

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