Fox Charlotte is now WCCB

Well, it was always WCCB but since Fox Broadcasting purchased another local station, WCCB will be losing its Fox affiliation. Instead they will become a CW affiliate. But there will still be a News Edge and Morgan Fogarty will be on the 10:00pm News. Look for further announcements in the next couple of months.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Kim Clijsters won straight-sets Thursday over Carla Suarez Navarro at the Australian Open, then the Belgian was interviewed by presenter Todd Woodbridge, a former tennis champion himself. Woodbridge sent a text message to a fellow player last week where he said he thought Clijster’s was pregnant. Woodbridge also had texted that she seemed “really grumpy and her boobs were bigger.”

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guess some of you Charlotte people really wanted to see the pictures. Received requests for them even before the television show ended. Guess you can’t wait either for the E! True Hollywood Story: Kate Gosselin” which will Premiere February 2, 2011.
Now do you really want to see the tattoo or just Kate Gosselin in a bikini? Either way, Enjoy!

AND……For those that wanted to watch the video of Octomom and Babyman here it is.

Click on picture to play (courtesy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yes you heard right. Sega has created a new game for guys. (For women too if they are so inclined!) Toylets, not to be confused with toilets as its really a urinal.
The Toylets game puts a pressure sensor into a standard urinal and gives life to every bad piece of pissing jokes you ever heard. Four games are available right now, to be enjoyed through a display mounted at eye level, including one where the intensity of your delivery helps blow a girl’s skirt up and another that offers (asynchronous!) multiplayer competition. The latter game matches you against the previous dude to have used the porcelain repository, thereby finally providing guys with a measurable way to settle pissing contests. This game is only available in Japan so far. What’s next for old video game companies like Sega? Ass-teroids? Crap-man?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Elizabeth Edwards willNothing for ex-husband John. Elizabeth Edwards’s will specifically left him out. Her will which was signed only eleven days before her death does state “All of my furniture, furnishings, household goods, jewelry, china, silverware and personal effects and any automobiles owned by me at the time of my death I give and bequeath to my children,”

Lawsuit for Courtney Love and her Tweets: 

 “Love’s tweets … announced that Simorangkir was a drug-pushing prostitute with a history of assault and battery who lost custody of her own child and capitalized on Love’s fame before stealing from her. ‘She has received a VAST amount of money from me over 40,000 dollars and I do not make people famous and get raped TOO!’ Love wrote.” The tweets have since been deleted.

The trial begins Jan. 18.

A lot of press the past couple of days has been given to Ted Williams, a homeless man in Colombus, Ohio with a voice for radio. Morgan on the Edge and many other people have thought this great. What has not been highly publizied is his past. Williams, 53 has had a long history of legal and drug problems. He has convictions from drug possession and forgery to armed robbery having most recently been arrested in May of this past year. He also is the father of nine children who he had abandoned. Ted told a reporter “During my detox stages, I had a tendency to eat up everybody’s food,” he said. “I’m a grandfather, too, and I was eating what should have gone to their kids.” A Cavaliers spokesman said the job offer still stands despite the Associated Press obtaining his lengthy arrest sheet.