Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yes you heard right. Sega has created a new game for guys. (For women too if they are so inclined!) Toylets, not to be confused with toilets as its really a urinal.
The Toylets game puts a pressure sensor into a standard urinal and gives life to every bad piece of pissing jokes you ever heard. Four games are available right now, to be enjoyed through a display mounted at eye level, including one where the intensity of your delivery helps blow a girl’s skirt up and another that offers (asynchronous!) multiplayer competition. The latter game matches you against the previous dude to have used the porcelain repository, thereby finally providing guys with a measurable way to settle pissing contests. This game is only available in Japan so far. What’s next for old video game companies like Sega? Ass-teroids? Crap-man?

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