Monday, August 9, 2010

Tonight’s Topic: Who is the greatest teen idol of all time?
For me it was any of Charlie’s Angels…..
Morgan said hers was Joey Lawrence. So what does she think of him now? From lots of hair to no hair. There is like 30 years in between.

She also mentioned Scott Baio. Another former teen hearthrob who had to get a reality show as a career move.
Brotha’ Fred wanted to be Zack. Or is it Mark-Paul Gosselaar. What does that say about him?

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck, then

Thomas Selleck

Tom Selleck, Now!

Morgan Fogarty’s first teen crush? Tom Selleck.

Now the story most of you really want to know is about Lady Gaga. The pop star was the main event at Lollapalooza. Her own performance is not the news but when she got on stage with Semi Precious Weapons who also played at the event. Gaga was in a skimpy revealig outfit and decided to do some crowd surfing. Until the groping became too much for her.

What did she expect? Even Fred said he would do some groping. I think Morgan might take a turn herself if given the chance! If you watch in the video how the pop star acts, one has to wonder if this was one of the every si months she does drugs. hhhhhmmmm…..

Friday, August 6, 2010

Derek James & Bruce Snyder hosted tonight.

Should BP be allowed to drill in same area as the gulf oil spill? As Derek said, it is bad timing to bring this up now.  Let’s focus on finishing cleaning up the mess. If Lake Norman was the site of an oil spill, would residents want to start drilling again? Think not. 

httpv:// Evander Holyfield was in Statesville as the Holyfield foundation had an event. Its mission is to “rear young Warriors that are ready to go forth and face the global challenges.” Derek arm-wrestled Holyfield. Guess who won? Do you remember 1997? That is when Mike Tyson bit off Evander’s ear during a bout.
 Now most of you may be familar with the George Foreman grill. But did you know that Evander Holyfield has his own grill?  
The Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Grill is only three payments of $33. I will stick (actually nothing sticks to it) to my Fore grill.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Fred. No Mofo. Derek James and Ashley Anderson.  Pretty good for replacements. For those that don’t know Ashley, she is a reporter/producer since January 2000. She was co-host on the Edge back when Mark Mathis was @!(*)!#!.

Tax-Free weekend. Schools supplies, computers and more can be purchases without paying Sales Tax. Find out what specifically is tax-free HERE.

httpv:// Nothing knew about celebrities running for public office. Now Wyclef Jean says he is running for President of Haiti. Just a few years ago Wyclef Jean recorded a song titled “If I was President” so maybe he is just fulfilling his destiny.

Do you know who Montana Fishburne is? No? But you probably know who Lawrence Fishbourne is and this is his 19 year old daughter. She is betting that you and many other people will know who she is when she makes a porn film. She has stated that having a sex tape worked for Kim Kardashian so should work for her career. Montana who also goes by “Chippy D” says the porn movie will be released this month. She does seem to have experience for the job already has it has been reported Montanna was arrested last November for prostitution. Her father is reportedly “hurt” by the news of her porn film.

Beyond the EDGE

The Health Care bill was passed by the U.S. Congress months ago but controversy continues. Five Senators are upset that the federal governemnt is using money to explain the healthcare bill in a video starring Sheriff Taylor himself Andy Griffith. Whether you support the Healthcare bill or not, take a look. Who else is to pay for explaining the legislation if not the governemnt that passed it? Stay tuned….

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Morgan FogartyWould you watch an anchor-free newscast?
Tribune Broadcasting in Houston has decided to try out an anchor-free newscast starting full-time in October. A preview broadcast was done o July 30. The broadcast  is similar to surfing the Internet or if you remember the old newsreels seen at the movies decades ago. Voice-over narration of pre-taped stories with video and still images done in a rapid-fire format.  Not only are anchors missing but also not found are the correspondents except during live news.  There are already news broadcasts in England and parts of Europe that are like this. 
 It all comes down to money. Anchors make large salaries for often doing less work than the segment producers. Additionally, in the past Anchors edited their broadcasts but that had decreased in recent years.

The weapon of choice in an assault at a Maryland Giant Supermarket in Gaithersburg will surprise many. Semen. Michael Wayne Edwards Jr. put his semen in a small plastic spray bottle. While the Edge crew made a few laughs from this story, it should be noted that the semen is being tested for HIV.

Semen Attacker

Michael Edwards

During Edwards interview with police it was discovered that there have been other victims. He was released on $4,000 bail and charged with second degree assault so could face up to ten years in prison. Edwards had no prior criminal record.